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Concrete and Asphalt cutting 44hp Diesel Road saw

We have a new 44hp Diesel Road saw which cuts to depths of approximately 400mm in concrete, asphalt and other masonry products such as tiles and paving.
Diesel powered to reduce fuel hazard and environmentally more efficient.

Commonly requested jobs are:
• Cutting existing concrete into manageable pieces for removal (by hand or machine).
• Stress relief cutting in new concrete.
• Kerb and channel cutting for driveways
• Cutting chases in concrete for electrical cables or plumbing services.
• Pattern cutting in new or existing concrete.
• Cutting bitumen road and path.
• Cutting suspended slabs.
Road sawing can be carried out to a variety of depths using either single blade or double blade options, depending on the width of cut required.
Our operators are trained to cut a variety of surfaces and products in sometimes hard to get at areas. The use of hand saws is sometimes required to accompany a road saw for hard to reach places where there is limited or no access for a road saw.